Black and White Agate Geode Stone Necklace with Sterling Silver Chain

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Sterling silver Curb chain 24″ long

Approx Pendant Size 50mm x 28mm

Known as a protective stone, black agate is a semi-precious stone, a variety of chalcedony that is formed by amorphous silica in thin layers of different colors. It is found as a tonsil agate in eruptive rocks, meláfido … Agates can present strong colors and due to their abundance, they have been used since time immemorial as amulets for good luck.

The name of agate comes from the Achates River, currently the Dirillo river, south of Sicily, in Italy, where it is said that the first of these stones were found. Black agate is not a specific mineral, but a set of microcrystalline varieties of quartz. Actually without varieties of chalcedony that present bands of several colors little contrasted.

Black agate stone is one of the most sought-after rocks in the market and attracts attention due to its color and the elegance that it transmits in a simple way.

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