Solid Bronze Garden Birds Butler & Peach Miniatures /Wren (2034)


With their instantly recognizable cocked tail and tiny form, we love this little bird, often called the ‘Jenny Wren’. These little birds  are very vocal and their call can sound quite angry if an intruder comes near their territory! The female is particularly noisy, especially around her brood, which maybe why we give the Wren a female name. It darts around. always busy and energetic, although in winter when the temperature drops, they huddle together like Penguins for warmth. As many as 60 have been seen in one huddle all facing inward.

Height: 5cm x Width: 3.5cm x Depth: 2.5cm Weight: 34g

This dainty miniature Wren sculpture by Butler & Peach is cast in pure foundry bronze. It is presented in a printed box and soft pouch with a collector’s leaflet detailing the full collection.

If you like British garden birds, why not start a collection?

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Solid Bronze Wren



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